Sunday, September 26, 2010

4th day of Autumn, 2nd day of summer

A beautiful way to start Sunday Funday.  Donuts, beach, and best buds.  San Diego never looked so good after 4 months and 20 some odd says of "June Gloom."  The only bad thing is I have already changed over my closet to sweater central.  I think most everyone looks a little better with a few more clothes on.  In addition, my toes are already painted black and the crock pot has been working overtime this past week.  So now summer wants to show up? What the fuck? Its football season, which is the perfect excuse to sit on our asses for at least 3 hours every Sunday.  How do you justify it when its sunny and 85 degrees out? Well, you get up, go the beach early, "beat the rush" as every 85 year old lady going to the early bird special for 4:30 dinner, and my husband and I say.  Then by 1pm you've done your thing and voila! Sunday couch time.  Go Bolts. 

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