Monday, October 4, 2010


Its Monday, its raining, and it feels like Fall in San Diego! In celebration, as Fall happens to be my favorite time of year, I made Chicken and Biscuits, lit my Pumpkin Spice candle, and started and finished a bottle of red.  Sounds fantastic doesn't it? What are your favorite "fall" specialties?

Desert Dessert

I love Palm Springs! Usually, its a weekend getaway for Eric and I, but this time we brought Hudson.  We made our usual stop to Dazzles- the best vintage shop ever! Its mainly houseware items such as vintage glassware, lamps, magazine racks etc.  Think Mad Men.  Oh- and he's got a plethora of jewlery as well.  I always find something.  I want to start collecting vintage ashtrays. I don't smoke.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

4th day of Autumn, 2nd day of summer

A beautiful way to start Sunday Funday.  Donuts, beach, and best buds.  San Diego never looked so good after 4 months and 20 some odd says of "June Gloom."  The only bad thing is I have already changed over my closet to sweater central.  I think most everyone looks a little better with a few more clothes on.  In addition, my toes are already painted black and the crock pot has been working overtime this past week.  So now summer wants to show up? What the fuck? Its football season, which is the perfect excuse to sit on our asses for at least 3 hours every Sunday.  How do you justify it when its sunny and 85 degrees out? Well, you get up, go the beach early, "beat the rush" as every 85 year old lady going to the early bird special for 4:30 dinner, and my husband and I say.  Then by 1pm you've done your thing and voila! Sunday couch time.  Go Bolts. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1st day of pre-school, hell yeah!

So, we survived the first day of pre-school, and when I say "we" I mean my husband.  You see, I was sooo ready for Hudson to start school. He was practically crawling out of his skin at home everyday with Martina.  She seemed pretty over it too.  I guess after 3 years, everyone needs a change.  My husband was worried about the usual things.....Will he be ok with people he doesn't really know?
Will he cry when we leave?  Will he shit his pants and ruin his new Volcom jeans? You know the usual.  Me? I was wondering if I had enough coffee to make it to my work destination an hour and a half away.  See my thoughts are kids are resilient.  They will feed off of your energy.  If you're freaked out, they will be freaked out.  The best gift you can give your kids is your own happiness....or a least fake it.

Watering the plants

So let’s fast forward to present day...Hudson's latest fascination, watering the plants. Granted, he practically potty trained himself. Seriously, 1 week before his 3rd birthday, he said he finally wanted to go on the potty that had been sitting in our bathroom for at least 1 year. At 3, he knew what to do, he had watched his dad and I do our thing in the bathroom many times. But to be frank, it wasn’t the actual act of going the potty that sold him, it was the underwear. The underwear feel fantastic and they make for easy access to his current favorite body part. Hint: not his butt. So ladies, the answer to your question is “yes” they come out of the womb thinking with the wrong head.

What is a "Mommy Talker?"

August 10, 2007
I've always wondered what it would be like to actually verbalize exactly what I felt. Wait.... that’s a lie. But, I have always wondered what it would be like to have my own blog, so here I am. I would like to think it will be very practical, helpful, insightful mommy advice. However, the reality is, I am vulgar and I have no business giving any advice to anyone.  Oh,  my husband and I actually coined the term "mommy talker" based on moms who can only converse about, well, mommy things. So, now that I have lost most of you, the best way to define what this blog is all about is, its the shit about motherhood (including pregnancy) that no one wants to talk about, not in public anyway. That’s right, everything from hemorrhoids right up to your kid saying "fuck" for the first time. Did I mention I was vulgar? I hope you enjoy reading and commenting as much as I do vomiting my thoughts all over the page. The truth is, I love being a mom. I have a 3 year-old son named Hudson, whom I absolutely adore. I must also mention I am a full-time mom, but I also have a job outside of the home. This, as many of you already know, opens a whole new ball of wax. I also think it’s ridiculously hard to be a "good" parent and most days it’s just ridiculous. So here's to talking about what really is going on behind closed doors. Damn it...."Hudson, how many times have I told you not to put your finger in the dogs butt!!!!"